jackie o

jackie o

Sunday, June 13, 2010

HOW TO BE LIKE JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacqueline O. is the most fashionable First Lady I have ever met. Ever since I was young I always looked up to Jackie. From her clothes to her hair; she rocks. She always looked like a Queen. How be like Jackie is very easy.

Here are the steps to be like Jackie:

Get some white skirts or jeans without the belt loop and a black turtle neck.

Always wear white at the bottom never on top that is what Jackie did.(except for your wedding).

Buy some big black shades.

Buy nice handbags black or white handbag

Buy the best shoes. Jackie bought from Keds and Jack Roger sandals.

Posture and Etiquette is very important. Jackie loves class.

Buy 3 strand pearls. Buy brooches.

Get your clothes to fit your body.Make sure it is not tight, baggy and slouchy.

Learn to mix casual with classy.

Buy some Cashmere, Silk Satin, and Damask.

Buy a trench coat. Beige, black or white.

Mixing colors is a favorite of Jackie.Orange, pink, light blue, gray, and white.

Buy a A-line black dress.

Buy some blouses, and sweaters.

Buy some white gloves.

Learn to be a traveler.

Learn different languages.

Have elegant parties.

Always go to events and be social. Dress fabulous.

Start your own social club.

Now look at Jackie pictures to understand more about Jackie's Fashion